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Municipal & Corporate Displays


So, you’re having an event, and not sure of your budget? You can go smaller, and we can make it look big! Make a big impression with JPI at your side as your partner, not just another fireworks vendor.

We’ll peer down from outer space to get a preliminary look at your venue, then pay you a quick visit to measure (or re-measure) your site so we can maximize the WOW factor, then head back to the secret laboratory to create a show that will get better year after year. That’s how we roll!


Let JPI check out your location first, then we can tailor a show that fits the event and venue without breaking the bank. Medium shows generally last from 10 to 12 minutes – the sky is lit up the entire time!  Give us the space, and we’ll fill it up!

First Night celebrations, Old Home days,  4th of July, We’ll even set up a spooky Halloween display (Ohhh Ahhh Eeeek!) New Hampshire Fireworks in Fall !

Big:  The sky is the limit!

When you go big – it’s  location location location!  We love to “go big” as it opens doors to bigger and better “stuff”. 4″, 5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and up when properly arranged, can fill a quarter mile wide piece of the sky, like having your name in lights!

Our fine crew of pyro-technicians with their years of experience know how to really pump up the volume .   Painting the sky for thousands of spectators and hearing the cheers is what fuels their passion!


If you have the space – let us use it!  JPI can launch thousands of shells and your display might be seen from the International Space Station!  Let us stack the sky from low to high filling every piece of darkness with light!

It’s all a matter of venue and budget – let us unleash our finest shells –  choreographed to fit the mood, the event, and the venue! We’ll clean up the mess, handle the permits and put you on the map!

Fairgrounds, fields, airports, bridges, golf courses are a just a smattering of venues large enough for the big guns!


What do we love to do?

• Municipal Events
• Old Home Days
• Holiday Shoots
• Weddings & Unions
• Corporate Gatherings
• Non-Profit & Weekly/
   Monthly Events
• Shows for Ski &
   Vacation Resorts
• Beach Displays
• County Fairs


Call us: (603) 759-9228

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