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Getting Hitched?

This is where your parents or grandparents come into play. They want your day to be memorable for you, and for them. Hook them up with JPI a month or two before the big day and we’ll bring out the special wedding day colors and even build in some great photo op’s to record the special moments.  Weddings are fun and memorable events.

Our standard wedding package, with lots of whites, reds and slow burning shells is magic in the sky!  We can tailor displays up or down depending on your venue and budget – This makes a terrific gift if you’ve got the space.

Your Little Princess:

It’s tough walking her down the aisle and handing her off to this guy forever. Take some of the pain away and hire JPI to win you the parent of the year award!  Weddings aren’t cheap to begin with, so why skimp on the fireworks display?

Location is everything with a larger display, so before you give her up, give us a shout and let us see what we have to work with.

The Bachelor or Bachelorette gig.

OK dudes and dudettes – start a collection a few months before the gig and have the event in a BIG location. Rustle up some technicians from JPI to light ’em up before or after the exotic dancers!

The bride or groom will get a gift from you and the “gang” which might be the only thing they remember!  You can’t go wrong with a block buster show by JPI.  These can be tailored!  Venue first, budget later.

We’ll do the work and even let the bride or groom to be – push the button for an added thrill. (It depends on how long the open bar has been open!  Safety first!)

The Governor’s Daughter:

Though we can’t over shadow the “I do’s”,  we can create a full-on musical featuring only the best shells, ground effects and “on-cue” music score. These require a sizable venue like a golf course, country club, private field, etc.  Musicals using Class B display shells up to 8″ can bring tears to your eyes, or launch you right into reception mode with a bang.

Contact us to discuss your budget on these very large and technical displays.  JPI is very good at these!  This is the future of pyrotechnics and we’ve been there for a long time!

What do we love to do?

• Municipal Events
• Old Home Days
• Holiday Shoots
• Weddings & Unions
• Corporate Gatherings
• Non-Profit & Weekly/
   Monthly Events
• Shows for Ski &
   Vacation Resorts
• Beach Displays
• County Fairs


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