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Party Displays

Happy Birthday!

We at JPI have no problem hiding in the bushes until that key moment when launch takes place!  Surprise parties, prom night, birthdays, and graduations. Enhance every event with a JPI show!  Who doesn’t love a great party?

You’ve won the Game, Let’s Party!

What better way to rally the fans than to pump them up with a rousing pyrotechnic display!  Get JPI out on the field for a quick half time show, or back to the training center for the after-blast. We’ll put the pep back into pep rally!

Invite us over to check out your venue.  We can go bigger from there, and bigger is always better! If you’re in a stadium – we’ll fire it just outside* so we don’t mess up your turf! (*unless we have minimum safety distance on our side and a dust-buster or two!)

The Total Blow-out!

Congratulations on winning the lottery!  No?  Well maybe you just became parents, or grandparents! Or you’re just folks who love really really big parties.  JPI is well versed in this sort of event and can fire on cue!  If you have the location or the venue – let’s round out your private affair and let your guests forget the buffet food and leave (in a cab if necessary) with WOW on their minds.  

What do we love to do?

• Municipal Events
• Old Home Days
• Holiday Shoots
• Weddings & Unions
• Corporate Gatherings
• Non-Profit & Weekly/
   Monthly Events
• Shows for Ski &
   Vacation Resorts
• Beach Displays
• County Fairs


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